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Weed brush segment synthetic

Specially developed brush segment with synthetic filling, prevents damage to (ornamental) paving and above all works safely and without sparks.

  • Available immediately from stock
  • Available for various weeders
  • 100% non-toxic work, by brushing weeds away
  • Environmentally friendly: materials are easy to recycle
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    Spark-free, safe and does not damage (ornamental) paving

    The spark-free synthetic weed brushes are ideally suited for the maintenance of land around the storage of flammable materials, such as fuel, chemicals, munitions and fireworks. Also practical when removing withered weeds and grass to prevent small (roadside) fires. In addition, the synthetic weed brushes are a widely used tool for (ornamental) paving, such as shopping streets and marketplaces.


    Solid product development

    Clean and weed-free roads are iconic for the townscape. Well-kept business and parking areas radiate safety and professionalism. To achieve this, the use of top quality brushes is important. Through the use of solid product development — on home soil — and by listening carefully to the need for specific brushes, we continue to develop and improve our brushes.


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    • SYN Synthetic fibers

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