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Spiral roller brush double banded

This is an excellent choice where there is a high demand for an optimal brush filling density with heavy and hard brush fibres and high rotational speeds.

  • Suitable for the more complex technical solutions
  • Extremely dense filling possible
  • Ideally suited for heavy duty applications
  • Higher rotational speeds
  • Short delivery times, re-filling if required
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    When high demands are asked for, an optimal density of the filling such as heavy and hard brush fibers which are speed resistant, the double banded spiral brush is without a doubt the best choice.
    The construction of the double banded spiral brush exists out of two metal bands of which the outer band clasps the inner band. The number of openings and the size of the openings are adjustable. This construction has the advantage that the density of the filling can be measured very well and all types of brush filling can be used from very delicate to very heavy steel wires or synthetic fibers. The retention of the hairs is also guaranteed. Another advantage is that if damage happens to occur to a hair bundle with the double banded system, the damage stays locally, while other hair bundles stay intact.


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    Use the parameters below to configure your desired spiral roller brush – double banded. Is the correct dimensioning not listed? Then choose a specific request.

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    • PB Profile width
    • KD Core diameter
    • KL Core length
    • VD Fiber diameter
    • BD Brush diameter
    • VM Filling material
    • ZH Visible hair length



    • PP Polypropylene
    • PBT Polyester
    • RVS Stainless steel
    • PA 6 Polyamide 6
    • STL Steel
    • PA 6.6 Polyamide 6.6

    The models shown are standard. For other specifications, please contact our sales team.
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